congratulations to the winners

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once again the Nordics have proven themselves to be the best players on the Finnish server. despite the first difficulties, in which they had to escape on the map, urho k finally came out of the holiday mode and with him the rise of the nordics began.
In a few days he contacted Lum3n3 and they agreed on the players to ban. Thanks to the entry of lum3n3 the Nordic team is recognized for the true power it is.
The huge Lum3n3 managed to ban only the ally musketeers player by carefully avoiding checks on other allies.
but it does not end here. The great work of lum3n3 has led to the ban of 2 players who play exclusively from apps accusing them of illegal scripts. in addition to these two bans others have been unfairly banned without ever using scripts.

Obviously urho k and friends knew perfectly well about the ban and the reason (it is slightly illegal but ok) and lum3n3 has the great care not to read the tickets.

I hope you enjoy this way and I hope that your corrupt market will be closed soon.

Waiting for the ban from the forum and other random bans in game, mafflik

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I don't feel that something was done deliberately, everything was properly checked and all the players saw that you were confusing the shoes and you were not playing cleanly. This also developed the situation in which you found yourself after being blocked.


Ah shut up your corrupt mounth ...
I didn't use farm bot neither attacck bot...
I wrote at innogames and their Will resolve question...whene LuM3n3 Will be ban I teach you how to play seriously